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Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Painting

How Often the House Exterior Should Be Painted?

Your home is a valuable asset that should be protected to keep it looking nice. In order to do this, it is usually a good idea to paint its exterior every 8-10 years and also do stained wood siding every 5 years.

What is Included in Exterior House Painting Process?

  • Complete exterior power washing to remove loose paint, debris and dirt.
  • Filling cracks and holes in order to ensure that the surface is uniform.
  • Painting your home with quality products.
  • Final touch up of details and thorough cleanup.

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Tips for Hiring an Exterior House Painter in Roanoke VA

Are you looking for exterior house painter Roanoke VA? If the answer is a big yes, then it is good that you found this article as we provide expert color matching and expert advice on the right palette of colors that will make your home one of the most attractive if not the most attractive home in your neighborhood.

Three Reasons Why Hire Exterior Paint Contractor

Even if you want to paint your house by yourself, it is usually a good idea to seek estimates from professional exterior house painter Roanoke VA regardless of whether you are painting your home's exterior or interior. This will help you compare the pricing and also enable you to know about color choices, the condition of your house, and type of paint available. It is good to allow a professional house painter make his pitch for the job before you make a choice.

You can choose to do the job by yourself after learning something worthwhile. Homeowners with one story houses with minimal peeling and plenty of time can probably do the painting by themselves and save some money. However, if your house is taller and needs significant preparation, then it may be a good idea to look for exterior paint contractors to do the job for you. It is important to consider the following:

Do you have the equipment needed?

Always remember that painting a house is not a one ladder job. You will need at least 2 extension ladders and scaffolding. You can rent these ladders, but that is another cost to factor in.

Do you want to take the risk?

Working on scaffolding can be very dangerous and this is one of the reasons why most homeowners choose to hire home painting contractors as the contractors have experience and know what safety precautions to take. Since painting is monotonous work, it is easy to lose track of just how narrow that board is after a few hours up on a scaffold.

Will you do the preparation?

Scraping away little peeling paint spots requires a disciplined approach. Therefore, if you believe that you cannot do this properly, then it is a good idea to look for a painting contractor. There is no need of wasting your time painting your home if the paint will just start peeling again after a few years.

Affordable Exterior Painting Service in Roanoke VA

We are a good company to hire as we offer quality exterior house painters Roanoke VA at an affordable price. Find out how affordable our exterior painting services are by contacting us today for a free quote. Whether you are selling your home and need to make it more appealing or you just want to protect your home for years to come, then we should be your first choice.


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